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Welcome to Creation Science Network's Online Information Center


Creation Science Network teaches how the Bible and modern science agree about creation and a young earth. Visit our Library and Information Center to learn the truth.

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Creation Science Network is a tax exempt, non-profit organization that interacts with churches, youth organizations, groups and individuals to help people understand how modern science fully supports the biblical account of creation.

Creation Science Network is funded solely by individual and group donations. Donations to Creation Science Network are tax deductible.

Our creation seminars, and "Exploring God's Creation" radio programs, hosted by Bob Knopf, teach the truth about biblical creation and a young earth.

Learn what the earth was like in the days of Adam and Eve. Learn how early man lived hundreds of years. Learn how science shows a catastrophic worldwide flood. Learn how dinosaurs lived with man. Learn how the earth, the universe, the oceans, animal anatomy, the fossil record, human evidence and Mt. St. Helens support biblical creation and a young earth.


Use this Web site to Schedule a Seminar or Workshop at your church or event, or to purchase books and other creation materials.

Listen online 24/7 to our free radio show, Exploring God's Creation, and visit our free Library and Info Center to learn the truth.

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