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NEW! Creation DVD Now Available
Special Intro Price: $12.00 + $3.00 s/h.

Features Bob Knopf's 2-Hour Creation vs. Evolution Presentation
This DVD is in three main parts. Each is highly graphic and illustrated with PowerPoint Slides.

Part I:
Part I discusses basic Evolutionary and Big Bang theories, their history, dangers, and how they mislead kids (and adults) into disbelief in the Bible.

Part II:
Part II discusses the Days of Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah's Ark, the Worldwide Flood, and how the flood shaped today's earth and created the fossil record.

Part III:
Part III conclusively shows how modern science supports the biblical news account of creation given in the Holy Bible.

This 2-hour DVD gives Christians and non-Christians alike a solid understanding about how God created the heavens and the earth.

It answers the most common questions about creation, the worldwide flood, Adam and Eve, dinosaurs, ape-men, the fossil record, and the false claim that the earth is billions of years old. Plus, much more. Buy one for friends, family, your local school library, your local science teacher.

Order this DVD today by sending check to: Creation Science Network, 4607 NE Cedar Creek Rd., Woodland, WA 98674. Or fax credit or debit card information to 360-225-7616.
If you have questions: Email us today.

Photo of Bob Knopf w/dinosaur claw replica
Bob Knopf's Creation vs. Evolution presentation is now available on DVD.

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