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Host a Creation Seminar or Workshop

Schedule a creation science seminar, workshop or Bible study at your church, youth activity or event. Seminars are fun, exciting and understandable by all ages.

Help spread the scientific truth about creation and evolution in your area or at your church by hosting a creation seminar or workshop. They're interesting, fun and suitable for all ages and family members.

Topics include: creation, evolution, dinosaurs, ape-men, Adam & Eve, the Great Flood, radio-carbon dating and the fossil record. They give conclusive scientific proofs to show creation by God and a young earth.

Youngsters particularly enjoy hearing about dinosaurs, ape-men and Noah’s ark, and seeing fossil replicas. They learn that modern science shows that humankind originated about 6,000 years ago and that 4,400 years ago a worldwide flood shaped today’s earth.

Call 360-225-8215 today, or E-mail Us to schedule a seminar or workshop at your church or gathering.



Example Seminars, Workshops & Bible Study Topics:

* The Truth About Creation & Evolution (ages 8-108)

* Creation NOT Evolution for Kids (ages 4-7 & up)

* Creation NOT Evolution for Kids (ages 8-12 & up)

* The Truth About Dinosaurs (ages 5-105)
* Exploring Genesis 1 (ages 8-108)
* Lies in the School Textbooks (ages 8-108)
* The Great Flood, NOT Billions of Years (ages 8-108)

* The Days of Adam & Eve (ages 8-108)

* They're Trying to Make a Monkey Out of Us (ages 8-108)
* Answers to Evolutionist's Questions (ages 8-108)

* The Truth About Radio-Carbon Dating (8-108)
* Satan & the War of Good vs. Evil (ages 8-108)
* End Times: Are We Seeing the Final Days? (ages 8-108)

To schedule a seminar, workshop or Bible study at your church or gathering,
Email Us Today.

Fossil replicas and computer graphics enhance all seminars by author and radio host Bob Knopf .

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