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The Truth About Creation & Evolution
by Bob Knopf

What They Say:

“I recommend Bob Knopf's book, The Truth About Creation & Evolution, to any person regardless of their belief in creation, intelligent design or evolution. This book provides a springboard from which anyone can delve into how our universe and man came into existence.”
- Dr. Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelism

“Bob Knopf's book, The Truth About Creation & Evolution, is clear, concise, not a big, boring blur. It offers compelling and provocative evidence against evolutionism, and is compact so people don’t have to dig through tons of scientific jargon to get the facts. Bob has done an admirable job of condensing creation arguments into a readable and absorbable format.”
- Dr. Dennis Swift, Director, The Dinosaur Institute

“The scientific evidence presented in Bob Knopf's book, The Truth About Creation & Evolution, is staggering and shows evolution is not a credible theory. Only God creating the heavens, earth, and everything in them explains scientific findings. This book is a must read for all thoughtful, open-minded individuals.” – Pastor Glenn Morrisey

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