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The Truth About Dinosaurs
by Bob Knopf

Dinosaurs have a secret. They didn’t live millions of years ago. Land dinosaurs were created by God on Creation Day #6. They lived with Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden.

We get the word “dinosaur” from Sir Richard Owen who first coined the word in 1841. It means “terrible lizard” because one of the first dinosaurs found was the terrible-looking Tyrannosaurus Rex, or T-Rex. This was indeed a “terrible lizard.”

This is important to know because obviously we won’t find the word “dinosaur” anywhere before 1841. That means the word dinosaur won’t be found in the Bible, but, it doesn’t mean dinosaurs aren’t mentioned in the Bible. They are mentioned several places but notably in the book of Job.

Although society and science today have tried to indoctrinate us to believe that dragons and sea monsters are fictitious creature of fables and folklore, they aren’t. Dragons and sea monsters were real. They were dinosaurs, and they lived both on land and in the water. They lived with man.

Dragons are mentioned in numerous, well documented historical books. In fact, numerous kings had “dragon feeders” and dragon “keepers.” History books are full of real-life accounts of persons slaying dragons, persons hunting dragons, persons feeding dragons, and using dragons for pulling carts and for work similar to how we used horses.

There are hundreds of hand drawn pictures, called pictographs, of dragons along with thousands of wood and stone carvings that show dragons. Some of these are so anatomically correct, that the actual species of dinosaur can be identified. It would be impossible to draw these without seeing the actual dinosaur or dragon itself. Dragons were not make-believe.

Another famous proof that dinosaurs lived with man is the “Taylor Trail” which shows human and dinosaur footprints together in the same rock layer. Researchers have found dinosaur footprints that step on man’s footprint. In other instances, it shows man’s footprints inside of dinosaur footprints.

This is conclusive evidence that evolutionists and geologists intentionally ignore because it disproves evolution.

Humorously, when asked about this, their response is (and this is actually what some have said), they say that there must have been a dinosaur that had the foot of a human. So, today, evolutionists continue to falsely claim that dinosaurs and man didn’t live together because this one fact alone disproves evolution and the supposed millions of years age of the earth.

Today we know that there were many different kinds of dinosaurs. Some inhabited large lakes and the seas. We often called these sea monsters.  Some were large and docile land dinosaurs like the Apatosaurus. Others were predatory and aggressive. Generally though, when we think of dinosaurs, we usually think BIG animals.

The truth is that dinosaurs range in size from the size of a chicken to larger than an Apatosaurus upwards to more than 100 Tons and 150 feet in length such as the Sauropseidon. This is about the same weight as 40 school buses put in a pile.

Most people think dinosaurs were bigger than they actually were. The average dinosaur was the size of a horse. This means that Noah would have had no problem getting all the dinosaurs on the ark. He took land dinosaurs on the ark just like the other animals: Two by two. Obviously, he was smart and would have taken juveniles of the larger dinosaurs.

Now, to give a glimpse at how science doesn’t always get things quite right, let me ask if you've ever heard of the Brontosaurus? Most people have. The problem is that the Brontosaurus never existed. When geologists and paleontologists were rummaging around in the bone pile, paleontologists inadvertently got the head of one dinosaur mismatched with the body of a different dinosaur. They named this the Brontosaurus.

They found their mistake within a few years, however, once something gets into books, it’s almost impossible to get it out. So, today, you can still read all about the Brontosaurus in hundreds of books, even though it’s been known to have been a mistake for more than 50 years.

The key aspect about dinosaurs is that they were created on Creation Day #6 about 6,000 years ago. They didn’t evolve. They lived with man. Noah took them on the Ark. They have become extinct over the years since the flood because man hunted them and modern earth after the flood is less friendly to their survival.

Why is this important? Because we need to understand that the Bible is the Holy Word of God. It's perfect and true throughout its entire content. This is important because it tells us about God's Special Promise to Each of Us, and how we can spend eternity with God in heaven.

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