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Your contributions and donations help us expand this ministry to new and greater audiences. The following is a list of current ministry needs.

Help Needed:                                                                                     Amount Needed:

- Become a Prayer Warrior

- Donate fossils or fossil replicas

- General tax deductable donation/contribution                           (Any amount appreciated)

- Help purchase “Life’s Most Important Question” handout tracts             ($45)

- Co-Sponsor our Podcast Web page FREE radio show downloads              ($55/ mo)

- Sponsor our monthly E-newsletter and Web postings                               ($75/month)

- Help provide office supplies                                                                       ($125)

- Help purchase creation books, DVD’s to re-sale at seminars                    ($150)

- Help pay office phone and fax                                                                    ($200/month)

- Buy 50 “Truth” creation books for us to donate to school libraries           ($250)

- Sponsor one month of radio shows in one location                                    ($550)

- Help pay for hi-speed Internet connection                                                 ($1200)

- Help pay for enhanced Web & seminar program                                       ($1,200)

- Help purchase display booth for seminars, creation conferences             ($1,500)

- Help purchase high definition video camera for TV/DVD’s                        ($3,400)

- Help build a modern Web site with creation store                                     ($5,500)

- Help open a radio show in a new geographical area                                 ($7,500/yr)

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