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Fossil Evidence Supports Creation & Young Earth

Fossils found in rock strata do not indicate a geological time period. The fossil record shows the sequence of plant and animal death during a worldwide flood that occurred 4,400 years ago.

Although we have billions and billions of fossils, we don’t have one fossil showing where one plant or animal evolved into another. If evolution were true, we’d have billions times billions of “in between” animal forms showing one taxonomic group developing into another. We have none.

·         Fossils Themselves Prove a Worldwide Flood. The fossil records themselves indicate the earth is only a few thousand years old and that there was a worldwide flood. Fossils are found the world over in the same rock layers. Since fossils form only when a plant or animal dies and is immediately covered with sediment (or is killed by life-choking sediment), the only explanation for the fossil record is a worldwide flood where billions of plants and animals became buried in the soft sediment formed in a worldwide flood. The fossil record records the extreme cataclysmic death of billions and billions of organisms due to the worldwide flood and the accompanying seismic and tectonic activity.

·         No Intermediate Fossils. Fossils, billions of them, found in various rock layers are very similar or identical to currently existing species, or recently extinct plants and animals, including the dinosaurs. No transitional fossils show evolution from one type of animal to another. There are no fossils of half fish, half amphibians, or half amphibians to half reptiles, etc. There is no record where a more complex animal, or a different “kind” of animal evolved from a simpler one. There is no evidence of “partial” systems, such as a partial human brain, eye, or ear. The fossil records show only complete, fully functioning, perfectly designed plants and animals from the very earliest fossils. Any commonality between different species doesn’t indicate evolution, it indicates a common designer – God.

·         Fossil Petrification ((fossilized hat photo)). It is often claimed that the process of petrification takes millions of years to occur. This isn’t true. Objects can petrify in 15-25 years. There are many examples of fossilized and petrified items that man uses.

·         Polystrata Forests ((photo)). Polystrata forests are fossilized trees found growing through multiple geologic rock layers. Evolutionists must assume that these trees remained standing for millions of years without falling as sediment and rock formed around them. In reality, a worldwide flood covered these trees with soft sediments, which later hardened, forming the various rock strata (layers) in a matter of days, weeks and months. Many of these trees are upside down, uprooted during the great flood. Mt. St. Helens eruption is developing similar conditions as trees settle and sediment forms around them in Spirit Lake.

·         Graptolite Fossil. A graptolite is an arthropod. The graptolite fossil is the official New York state fossil. It is also the index fossil evolutionists use to show that a rock layer is 410 million years old. Except, oops! In 1993, living graptolites were found in the South Pacific. Obviously graptolites could be found in any layer and are not 410 million years old.

·         Chlorophyll Still Structured. In some un-fossilized remains, such as the stomach contents of frozen Woolly Mammoths, magnolia leaves are still green and contain chlorophyll. The chlorophyll would have deteriorated or been absent if these were millions of years old.

·         Archeoraptor ((photo)). Archeoraptor was heavily promoted by National Geographic Society and Nature magazine as a “feathered dinosaur” and was claimed to be an intermediate evolutionary link between a reptile and a bird. However, it has been shown to be an intentional fraud where two fossils were placed together giving the appearance of a bird’s body and a dinosaur’s head.

Today most scientific organizations continue to ignore evidence of creation, placing fraudulent information in TV “documentaries” and in publications to support their evolutionistic religion, even many years after these items have been proven scientifically false. This is particularly true of National Geographic and Nature magazines whose agenda is to promote evolution and “Mother Earth.” However, their initial premise, that there is no God, is wrong. They believe there is no God, even though all evidence is to the contrary. All of the evidence in the universe, including all the laws of science, prove that there is an Almighty God who created the heavens, the earth, and humankind.

Why is this important?
Because we need to understand that the Bible is the Holy Word of God. It's perfect and true throughout its entire content. This is important because it tells us about God's Special Promise to Each of Us, and how we can spend eternity with God in heaven.

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