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Are We Ape-men or Were We Created in God’s Image?
By Bob Knopf

If we ask ourselves the question: Who Am I? An Evolutionist must answer that they are a mutation, a happenstance, a mistake, a random descendant from primordial slime, who’s great, great granddaddy was an ape. (Can you really believe someone who claims that this is there heritage?)

However, a Bible-Believing person
should answer that they are a specially created child of the Almighty God, created in God’s image, for God’s special purpose. Just imagine the impact these two different viewpoints would have on a person’s life.

The Bottom Line
: Ape-Men Never Existed. All archeological and fossil finds claiming to link man to apes are either 100% ape or 100% man.  There is no evidence to the contrary. There is no evidence to support that humankind evolved from apes. The ape-men names we’ve all heard about have been shown scientifically to be either pure man or pure ape.

f I said to an Evolutionist, “The only people who may have descended from an ape, are people stupid enough to believe in Evolution.” – Would they get upset with me? You bet. Because deep down, we all know we didn’t descend from an ape. Our inner “truth detectors” tell us that we are something special.

Here’s just a few of the attempts to try to show that mankind evolved from apes. These have been featured in science books over the last decades, but they are not based on science, but on man’s attempt to prove a faulty theory: the theory of Evolution.

Nebraska Man
Artwork of “Nebraska Man” shows Mr. and Mrs. Nebraska Man, smaller than us today with stooped shoulders, a muscular build, and with hair all over the body. Their features are illustrated as half ape/half man. They are often shown carrying a club. Their drawings, museum displays and life story was obtained from the finding of one tooth. The tooth has now been determined to be a pig’s tooth. Nebraska Man was a pig.

Piltdown Man
Piltdown Man was declared the missing link even before he was studied. Then, some 30 yrs later he was found to be an outright fraud. A human skull was sanded and an ape jaw bone was fitted to it; both were treated with acid to make them look old, and then  they were “rediscovered.” Piltdown Man was a hoax.

“Stone Age” Neandertal Man
The first “Neandertal Man” was found in a cave in Neander Valley, Germany in 1856. He had a curved spine. Now 300 + have been found and most of the backs are straight. The original specimen had arthritis and a vitamin D deficiency. Neandertal Man is now classified as Homo sapiens (that’s us), not as a “missing link. Also, in archeological digs, we have now found aerodynamic spears, jewelry, and sophisticated ornaments used by Neandertal Man. They had a religion, and buried their dead with flowers. We have found stone axe blades made of carborundum, the second hardest mineral on earth. The blades had been polished by diamonds, the hardest mineral on earth. If we gave Neandertal Man a haircut and clothes, we couldn't tell them apart from ourselves. Unlike the "cavemen" guys we see on the TV commercials, they'd look exactly like us.

Astralopithecus (Lucy)
This is the most recent and the most complete ancient “human” skeleton ever found. However, the skeleton is missing most of the skull, shoulders, hands, feet, and knees, which are the key identifiers that separate man compared from ape. The pelvic bone is another good indicator, but Lucy has an ape pelvic bone. After further study, Lucy has now been shown to be a true ape, an extinct type of orangutan, however, our young people today are erroneously being taught that Lucy is proof of man’s evolution from an ape.

Australian Aborigines
– For years Australian Aborigines were thought to be living missing links that show our ape ancestry. Thousands of Aborigines were killed for scientific study before scientists realized they were human. It was their more blockish features and primitive culture that made evolutionists believe they may be the missing link. It was also belief in a grossly misguided theory: the theory of evolution.

To date, not one fossil link showing that man descended from apes have been found. They won’t be found because each of us were created by the same Almighty God. Regardless of our color or other features, we were all created in the image of an Almighty God.

Why is this important? Because we need to understand that the Bible is the Holy Word of God. It's perfect and true throughout its entire content. This is important because it tells us about God's Special Promise to Each of Us, and how we can spend eternity with God in heaven.

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