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Creation vs. Evolution Seminars, Workshops and Presentations

You don't need a PhD to understand our seminars or workshops. Suitable for ages 5-105.
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Bob Knopf is available for seminars and workshops for your church or event.

Bob Knopf Biographical Sketch

Bob Knopf grew up in a Christian, Bible-believing, God-loving family. Bob received Christ as his personal Savior at age 12 and was baptized at age 17.

Bob Knopf holds AS, BS and MS degree in Biology, plus secondary education teaching certification. Bob taught Microbiology at Central Michigan University for two years. Following this, he spent five years as a corporate environmental consultant, and later entered into writing, marketing and business consulting for outdoor recreation clients.

Bob is a book and magazine author whose writings have been featured in more than 150 outdoor magazines, and he has given hundreds of multi-media seminars and workshops to both large and small audiences.

In 2004, Bob founded Creation Science Network seminars to highlight God’s salvation promise, and through science and the Bible, to expose the falseness of evolution. The ultimate ministry goal is that God be glorified, that believers become soldiers for Christ, and that unbelievers find personal salvation.

In 2004, Bob wrote the book, The Truth About Creation & Evolution and in 2005 he began producing and hosting the weekly Exploring God's Creation™ radio shows heard in Portland, OR, Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ, and Available 24/7 Online.

Bob gives fun and easy-to-understand PowerPoint creation science seminars and workshops at schools, churches and events. Contact Bob Today for Full Information. Or, call 360-225-8215, or Email Us.

For information on any Creation Science Network program, call 360-225-8215, or email us today.

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